Thursday, 15 July 2010

On to Chateaugiron

75 miles, against the wind and now we are sitting enjoying a home cooked meal, cooked by Mr Kelly and a glass of shandy. there is a slight moment of tension when Jeff flourishes his pepper,
mushrooms and solitary onion at the last moment. He had promised to bring menu cards, but
was obviously winging this one, or going off a google search. Mike and Jeff reach an uneasy truce and the pepper and mushrooms (unwashed) go into the sauce.

Earlier in the day we met a lycra clad cyclist of advanced years - who Mike and James told Jeff was Eddie Mercx - who kept us off the motorway and cycled a few miles in conversation with Jeff (Mike and Jimbob were too polite to say anything). Mike also spotted a dead boar in the gutter - not that we believe him.

James has also been practicing his french when finding the way to the supermarket - which resulted in us cycling the wrong way up a hill.

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  1. Hmm - fancy them putting shandy in a red wine bottle!
    Jane x