Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The madness in my mind

The roads in Sweden are very good but as in Norway they are used to the full advantage of the motorist and in particular the heavy goods vehicle. As a cyclist you sometimes don't have many choices as to the roads to take as often there is only the one going in your direction. My maps are certainly not detailed enough and therefor do not show the little side toads that would give you some peace. However On this day I was looking at my map perplexed when a local came up and showed me a really nice quiet road that took me into the forests and lakes with good road surface as well. Id been cycling along for a while thinking to myself that I hadn't seen much wildlife, there had been much talk of the bear the wolf and the moose but considering the area id been through not a Dickie bird, whatever a Dickie bird is! It was at this time that out of the corner of my eye I saw something in the woods, I slowed down and waited and there some 100 yards away was a black bear and by the side of it looked to be a youngster. I have been told that you should stay clear of any form of wildlife especially when the young are involved. Do i go forward, stay still or go backwards. a bear will attack and can outrun me was I a threat would it leave its young. So many considerations.So I reached into my bag pulled out my camera and tried to get an image, steady try and zoom in if only i was closer the wind was not in there direction they couldn't smell me,so i moved a little closer, quietly does it, i zoomed in and wow there was the perfect picture of a rock and a smaller rock by it. what a fool.
You would think that I would learn my lesson but no in search of the great outdoors the desire is stronger than reason. Some couple of hours later I was coming out of the woods when out of that same corner of my eye, I must get it checked, I saw the remains of a large fish. I slammed on the breaks and pushed the bike backwards and looked down into the ditch that  was going into the lake.It must be a half eaten fish from a bears dinner or a wolf the grass around it looked beaten down as if something had been through there. As I edged closer it looked as if there was a spear coming out of it, and this is roughly how my mind worked, oh my god it isn't a fish its a section of a large snake by the size of it probably a Boa constrictor that's either escaped or been left loose  because it got to big, that makes sense of the beaten down grass, it wriggled along getting to water prob got impaled on a metal rod or speared by a local and a wild animal has been along and having a great feast. and then reality kicked in it was just a section of drainage pipe spiked to stay in the ditch. I really must drink more water.  

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  1. Could you please send a picture of a little side toad?