Friday, 8 June 2012

My journey starts today

Bike packed why does it always feel as if I've got to muchstuff if kelly was here id on his stuff. Right here we go sun again.bergen to tine vis northeimsind.74 miles.todau was all about hill climbing.tunnels a


  1. The mighty glacier, the cunning bear, mysterious cakes and the shops where nothing's under a pound... Norway! Hope it's been a good first day. Weather looks OK.

  2. It's only when your on the road that you realise you have too much stuff.
    In the warmth of your "Indy" Hayes apartment it all seemed vital and necessary. I bet you are glad of that super bright back light in the tunnels. At least the cars must think there is a disco ahead and to slow down a little.
    Nobody has nicked your ladder (although Will was eyeing it up the other day)
    Have a great time in the darkness of the tunnels and if you get scared you can always pretend you are Thomas the tank engine.
    Love and Kisses as always