Wednesday, 13 June 2012

the beauty and the beasts of norway

So I have arrived at Oslo and am spending the day around the city. So catch up what have I been up to.After my first night of camping i headed for the ferry and into the mountains On the ferry i had been warned of the hills by kris who asked how far i was going , i replied and said that was to far. A challenge i accepted. after a bit of blogging in Kinservic i headed out to the hills and whilst taking in the breathtaking scenery i came off the road and bang came off the bike. no injuries except for pride and a burst inner tube new inner tube on i carried on a little more careful and had lunch by a fjord before the big hills!!I started to climb along the twisted roads always a sign when they cant build the roads straight its going to be bad and puffed and panted my way up. As i got higher i had to get off a couple of times due to the weight of the bike and just to steep. scenery incredible  and does take your mind off the climb. there are tunnels andd  bikes arnt allowed in so there is a pass on the outside. however this road was closed due to an avalanche and so i had to go through the tunnel it must have taken me 45 mins to get through at least it cooled me down. The higher i got the snow got closer to me and the weather although sunny got cooler. 6 hrs later I arrived at what was the levelling out stage and snow was everywhere I looked on the map and realised i could go onto the next village at the top of the highest longest plateau range in Europe. However when I reached the Hostel it was closed in fact it was covered in snow. I looked at my watch and it was 9pm i couldnt believe the time I was so interesred in what was around me and the fact it was still light id lost track of time. at this point i was wearing gloves wooly hat and big jumper still in shorts. nothing to it make a nice cup of tea and  then carry on. The drifts of snow were way above me and although it was amazing it was also a little bit worrying to be stuck at the top of this longest snow filled range in Europe. But thats what adventures are about. Mike had texted me a bit back and i didnt want to worry him so Id told him I was all set up in my tent Couldnt be further away from the truth. I realised that if i was in difficulty i could get into one of the snow,hunting cabins so that was a choice. I topped up my waterbottles from the melting snowed streams, tastes fantastic, no stomac problems later. I cycled along the top for about an hour and came across a hotel it was 1030pm still light but my toes were a bit cold. I booked in showered and came down for some hot food with the owner peter who was he said a millionaire from his hyro power side buisness! He asked me if id like a beer we had two each, he said he preferred english beer, this tasted good for me


  1. Hi Bruv, glad to hear your planning your carefully and the scandinavians kindly allow the light to hang around til the early hours! What happended to the 100 miles aday you pussy!!! WE think too much scandinavian beer. Sounds awesome what your up to, its a beautiful country.
    Sel wants to know have you scored yet and Charlie wants to know have you had any trouble with excess skin?
    Glad you've given us a blow by blow of your adventures, sure mother's going to sleep soundly knowing your sooooo safe!!!!
    Your ever loving sis & bruv in law xx

  2. Sounds like a REAL adventure. As far as beer goes it always tastes the BEST the place you are drinking it. I remember a a cool long glass of Kurin beer in Tokyo. I bet you can't wait for some down south sunshine.
    Keep sending the blogs