Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sunday To Geilo and beyond

After a great nights sleep I came down to a huge breakfast and with it a huge bill 1100 kr about £110  4 times my daily budget but that was my choice  and you put it behind you. What is it with snow it's so majical, i loaded my bike and sped downhill for 30 miles leaving the snow behind me, it made me feel quite sad as i headed back into civilization. At the bottom of the hills it started to rain and i found shelter under a roofed picnic table when lunch was finished  the rain had stopped  and i carried on. I d meant to stay in the next town but i felt good  and carried on a nice quiet road to a village called Nesbyen, i stopped into a shop to buy supplies and a beer  but no alcohol after 6 in Norway! I headed for a local campsite booked in and was asked if id like a beer, the sunday rule didnt count on campsites as lomg as i drank them in reseption or on the table outside. I wanted a beer as i cooked by my tent so i filled up my water bottles with beer and took the glass back, "my you must have been thirsty he said"!

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