Friday, 15 June 2012

Thursday and to the border and Arvica.

I have made it to the border and went flying through at 1045 and 423 miles. I was supprised there was no passport control, but I was in. I stopped at a village called Skotterud that would do for lunch. The swedish Kroner goes much further than it's Norwegian counterpart and there is much more of a selection in brands and prices. I was sad to leave Norway but it has served me well. The scenery has changed, more softwood trees and huge lakes. The roads are well kept and the people aren't all blonde and blue eyed. In the middle of a forest I came across a statue of a woodsmen as if coming out of the woods, he must have been a famous chap around these parts, pic to follow. I was very thoughtful today probably from leaving Norway and the roads I have before me. I'm enjoying my self  and am enjoying the challenge and I like the uncertanty of what's ahead. I do miss the banter of a companion on and after the ride but I'm not lonely. I do after all have Mr Lion and of course the midge. I also have your messages, which I enjoy as much as I hope your enjoying my journey through my pictures and blogs.
Arvica is a small town and I have found a camp site for the night. There is a lot of noise in the town as old beaten up cadillacs draped in branches parading around the town school leavers. The boys all have sailors uniforms on and the girls are dressed in white, why I don't know. A farmers daughter I presume has spruced up his old tractor and trailer and the kids are in the back having a great time. There are no stretch limos and I can only imagine how horrified the kids would be back home to be paraded around in old clapped out vehicles, and yes there is no police about to keep control, as no control is needed.

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  1. Sound a bit scary - was there a 40ft wicker man around?