Friday, 15 June 2012

Wed Oslo The City

My plan was to have a day in the city and move out later in the evening to a nearby camp site. I took the bike in all packed up and did a tour of the city and a great mixture of old and new. I headed for an internet cafe to update the blog. On my way I noticed a huge prescence of police, which was strange because that was the first time id seen an form of emergency services on my trip. I t turned out I was passing the courts where the trial was taking place of the killer.  The courts were right next to the bomb site all boarded up and in restoration mode. I felt quite self concious with all my panniers and was getting paranoid that the locals and police might think there was a bomb in them! I updated my blog and came back to the bike half expecting it to be removed destroyed , but no there it was my stallion.

I grew tired of the city and it's bustle and longed for the country so left at lunchtime and headed out of the city and made my way towards the border, this took a while some 2 hours just to get out of the city!
3 miles from my last stop there head a ping and my saddle slipped to the side, it turned out that one of the saddle supports had snapped and i was know riding side saddle. But luck was on my side I popped into a shop to get suppies and there was a sports section and yes they had a saddle.

I wild camped that night on a hill overlooking a large lake with company of the midge, a bottle of beer, baked beans and instant mash potato and fried eggs. This was the view from my camp site

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