Thursday, 28 June 2012

Who is Who

In My Helsinki YHA I met these two great characters. I will give you a combined brief descriptions of them you decide what goes with who.
1 French, Italian, Kitchen Porter, Dentist, cycle tourer cycling to Rome, cycle tourer cycling to Stockholm. Divorced, single. Loves pasta, loves Rice. Favourate place Athens, Berlin, pet, little bird and cat

Ok so he is Georgio a kitchen porter, divorced with 6 children. His favourate place is Berlin where he met a romanian fortune teller who told him to go to Stockholm from Rome to get his wife back who had ran off with her boss(a women)He has a cat who unfortunatly eat his wifes bird when she left him!!!! And yes he likes his Pasta
Her name is Louise single from Paris a vegetarian and a dentist she has she says worked on Gerrard depatus teeth and is currently taking a year off to cycle the world. She got a plane to Bergen and is folowing a similar route to me. She wants to go to Athens, her fav place, as when she was a teenager she met and fell in love with a chap called something with an A. They have e mailed texted, not phoned for 10 years and now she is cycling down to see him

This life is so full of amazing people to meet never a dull moment


  1. Good game. OK here goes...
    Man, Italian, to Rome, porter, Athens, bird.
    Woman, French, to Stockholm, dentist, divorced, rice, Berlin, cat.
    How did I do? Rich

  2. She wears wetsuits and he's had that T shirt from the bargain aisle in TK Maxx. And the small bird is probably a budgie.

  3. OK, using my international travel sense and worldly experience, my superior intellect and ravishing good looks I guess......

    The Man is French, Kitchen Porter, cycle tourer cycling to Rome, divorced, loves rice, favourite place Berlin, little bird

    The Woman is Italian, Dentist, cycle tourer cycling to Stockholm, single, loves pasta, favourite place Athens, Cat

    When are the prizes being dished out ?

    What are the prizes ?
    Are there any prizes?

    Did I just waste 10 minutes of my life for nothing ?

    Answers please in next blog or I'll get no sleep.
    Time to have a HOT shower with Mr Lion I bet.
    Take care

  4. woof, woof. HI Boss, I see you are having a great time without me!!! I'm in no.2 bosses bad books as I've been sleeping in the new flower bed, well it was better than being tormented by my sister. I've been told I've got to have a haircut, is nobody pleased that I have a bath evertime is see water - I bet you don't. You know I could have helped out with the 'bum' situation - at least, I think so. Woof, woof, have a great time.

  5. Thanks everyone answers above