Monday, 9 July 2012

dont mention the war

I said to myself a few days ago to keep to villages and towns stay clear of cities. The trouble with the adventure is that the  venturing into the unknown makes it more alluring. So i came to Warsaw to be alured and in this city there is so much hisrory so much love and boy is there some hatred still. Ive booked into a hostel in the old town.old town is strange as  Hitler orderd the destuction of it  with 85% left in ruins and approx 850000 dead.even today the city is being rebuilt to try to reconstruct this area in a back at you response, and their doing a good job at it, what is strange is that life goes on the town is filled with locals and tourists of all war countries all taking photos of  a town and people that was hurt with so much evil, its dificult not to be neutral. But the image portrayed is a town that is alive and happy and welcoming. Until of course you dig deeper.
I ventured into a local bar for a cool beer and some talk. At the door i was asked my nationality 'welsh' come in,i asked for some beer to quench the 37 c heat and was given a pretty average tasting beer the beer started talking and so did the Poles i talked of my travel and this was relayed through a lad of about25 english is taught at school no choice and their ok with that. History is history and soon the conversation got around to the war and the ongoing war in Europe ! Germany may have lost the war but slowly their controlling Europe financially they said with a good mixture of spitting. and the russians just look on just like the war when they waited and watched and only 'liberated' the city when it was on its knees. You can only just listen while they talk this was and is their city i am just a visitor. I left that bar and ventured back to the hostel the old town  is still busy money is changing hands and there is laughter im not sure what nationality the laughter belongs to, i pass an old man playing a violin the music is so sad and i start to cry, i give him some money and he looks right into my eyes and nods and continues to play.

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