Thursday, 5 July 2012

going south

IWas in a need to get out of the city so i was up early and ready to go by 7. my two american tourers'both teachers enjoying I think their summer vaccation were ready to go to they were on their way into Russia via st petersburg'so we cycled out of the city together just missing been run over by a bus! Talin is not a bike friendly city compared to stockholm.  Today I had the wind with me and fire in my legs and although nothing really eventful happend I cycled over 140 miles and it felt ok. And to put the chery on the top i camped on the beach with cooked food on a camp fire  after skiny diping in the sea, kept a good look out for anyone who might find my white torso and buttocks too much of a frightning contrast against my very bronzed arms legs and head. Drank a couple of cold bears and slept so good. In the morning i stoked the fire scrambled eggs,bread and tea. one of my best 24 hrs in a while


  1. 140 miles! In one day! Fully loaded! Rough camping! Much respect Mr P. Rich

  2. There's nothing like a cold bear at the end of a long day!