Saturday, 21 July 2012

Mr L Gone

To Germany Via Dresden. There are some great cycling lanes in Germany along some beautiful rivers and it was by this river i saw a photo opertunity for mr L I perched him on the wall overlooking the river, stood back camera ready, wind blows mr L too over into the water nooooo I look over and hes floating down the river , its a 20ft drop and i run along the bank  and scramble down into the water and save him, i give him a shake hes wet through,a nd then we scramble up the bank to a group of onlookers bewildered at me soaking wet , i point to mr L and to the river, i get the crazy look. They turn and leave  I then do a Cast a way  moment of cursing Mr L  and then feel sorry for him  we make up and take photos together. Later on we come accross a field of sunflowers and then this shop full of gnomes etc a chance for a hidden mr l photo i put him in and took photo then this chineese man came out looking at me before i could retrieve him. i prtended to look around i must have looked suspicious  i think he thought i was going to steal something , very  quickly i managed to get him back while he sorted another customer out, phew try explaining thhe photo oppertunity to the chineese guy mind you how bizzare is his shop

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  1. Jane'll be pleased about Mr Lions rescue. Good to hear you're well - despite pickpocket's best efforts to rob you - and on course to meet Dr Secker. It'll do you good to spend some time with Chris. He doesn't get into quite as many fights as you! Any weird sights on the road out of Prague?