Saturday, 21 July 2012


Mr kellys words of wisdom are in my head fine city but beware of thieves and pickpockets!. The city is a fine city very rustic, bohemian  i like this city. I arrived at lunchtime and booked into the hostel and ventured into the city, headed over the old bridge where the artists are showing off their masterpieces to their audience. I saw the changing of the guard at the palace and an amazing wall named the john lennon wall down a back street, i dont know what the connection with lennon and prague is but the teenagers visiting knew of it and were adding their statements of love and wisdom
In the evening I walked into the old square and so amazing it was it had everything from all cultures. i wasx walking along when i was approached by a man. hello my friend you  like to see some pictures and at this point i can feel his hand going into my pocket i know hes after my wallet, which is in a deep pocket, hes showing me pictures of nude women, i wait till his hand is fully in, swing around and pull him to the floor his hand is stuck in my pöcket, i have pinned to the floor and hes shouting, next thing theres a crowd around and then the police, he is a known pick pocket and the police take him away, the police interview me in a transit style police van and im given a handshake. Im all pumped up and go and sit by the big statue in the square. Soon a tramp comes and sits next to me and offers me some of his beer, no thanks oh englishman, he talks i listen he is so drunk, i try not to engage and he starts to whistle I know the tune but cant place it, he prompts me to join in, i dort of hum along i cant whistle teeth gone, hes happy now, and blow me down this man comes up and gives him change, hes furious and goes after the man ranting at him, he returns and is annoyed he shows me his wallet theres money in there. I judged him wrong he continues to whistle I continue to hum we share his beer, oh prague

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