Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Donau river and chis

Sorry havent been in touch, its been really difficult to get access to the internetin germany. The river danau as its known here is spectacular and the cycling paths are brilliant. Its been great to see Chris and share some stories with him  even though hes probably heard of them allready. he has a calming influence and so far there has been no trouble. There was this one night when chris fancied another beer even though he thinks the beer here is only fit for disinfectent, wed been walkink down a lane from a village and came accross a beer garden. we ventured in only to be told it was a private party. as we turned to leave  the german asked  our wish beer goood beer ok come in we were introduced to the private party and soon after a few beers and shots of some strange liquid we were shown around the shooting range !! then introduced to some men in leiderhousen thats not spelt right but i assure you it doesnt look right either, more beer and shots and photos exchange of numbers and some singing and cussing and we were all best friends. we returned to our camp site very giggly and sore heads the next morning. Chris is doing really  on the trip considering the temperature 30 36c no rain and  on average 70 miles a day and we will reach vienna 3 days earlier than he expected. Hope your all ok, seeing my daughter next week in vienna xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Good to hear your news. Hope you and Chris are having a great time, sounds like it. Summer holidays in full swing here and the kids are glued to the Olympics on the telly. Will is doing really well with his swimming, been taking him every day. Send some photos, it's always good to see the places you talk about. Hi Chris, look after James and if in doubt run like hell, because someone is bound to get arrested if you don't. No sign of a summer badminton tournament yet, we are all missing your testosterone to actually make a decision when to start. We can make you honourable winner for cycling over 200 miles in a day.
    Ta Ta for now.

    1. Thanks mark love to all of you enjoy your summer hols,miss the banter with you all

  2. Glad you're going to see Lauren. You'll both have forgotten what each other looks like !!! Is she bringing her bike ??
    Sounds like you're having a great time. I think you should write a book about all your escapades.
    Woof, woof - from your favourite hound.

  3. No bike for lauren I think she's having total dad time plus loads of ice cream