Thursday, 5 July 2012

Worn out Riga

I enjoyed my morning on the beach so didnt leave till after lunch, it was a beautiful day and the beach was filling up of sun worshipers and i was heading to the city with some intrepidation. The outskirts of the city were in decay yet the houses were still lived in its still home i guess.

  Time to find a youth hostel and the only decent one could not home by bike' so it was riga camping except that had been closed due to lack of punters. I found a piece of rough site and set up. I was tired and asleep by 1030.I awoke to the sound of shouting, and popped my head out, I could make out in the early morning sun that a woman was being attacked i ran up and got into a brawl 2 min later the police turn up excellent,hang on what are you doing,im handcuffed with the others and talked too in Lavian, no english, the girl gone.4 hrs later im released with a 50 pound fine. I find my way back to my tent expecting it to be gone there is a God all ok and my bike too.Its 6 in the morning and the city is waking up i need to pack up too. I think I'll stick to towns and villages and beaches!


  1. Glad you're OK James. It must have been a disconcerting experience to say the least. Definitely stick to camping out in the boonies if you can. We all care about you and want to think about you being safe on your adventure. Rich.

  2. Good for you James for getting involved, I hope the woman was alright.
    At least you found a spot that wasn't found by anyone else for the bike and tent. Still a £50 fine for being a good citizen is ironic. Sounds a little wild west in some of those countries. Keep safe

  3. Are you just looking for trouble bruv? Very gallant but these Johnny Foreigners are a wiley bunch!!!But glad the adventure is still going on and that there's a new surprise around every corner xx

  4. Well, I'm just about getting to the stage that I'm afraid to read what you've been up to.. Glad all turned out well, if the 'lady' had vanished, perhaps she wasn't a 'lady', but had another profession! Stay safe, but enjoy.