Wednesday, 8 August 2012


So to Vienna we investigated, we saw the homes of  kings princes, the government and its subjects. The city is truly beautiful and sharing it with my daughter made it even better. We walked some miles we had a beer on  'a beach' by the donau deckchairs errected without any problem. We were offered dinner by a tout if we bought an opera ticket! we settled for a free outdoor performance of the opera in the park, we had lunch in the gardens of kings and ate delicous ice cream fit for my princess. We snuck into a gallery without paying and we sat and watched the world go by. Its been great  and  tomorrow she returns home and i head south to Greece. Ill miss her but its been great to see her she makes me smile and laugh and im a lucky dad.

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  1. Must've done you a lot of good seeing Loz and spending a fortnight with Chris. Great writing by the way. You've got a books worth of adventure and insight for sure. Route for next few weeks?